Anonymous asked:

Hi, I was doing a search for nail piercing and found your blog. I need help if you don't mind. Two nights ago I was in a club with friends and this Asian gogo dancer was next two us. She had on these cute black lacquered geta's and there were these glittery red diamonds charms hanging off her big toes. I've NEVER seen that before. I wanted to do it to myself but I can't find any tutorials or even photo's of someone wearing them. Could you please help me by doing one and making a tutorial how?

Its very simple, i bought my hand drill on eBay 2 for $1. You search ‘nail dangle’ and it comes out. Its very cheap, the when you get it simply get your nail and very carefully start twisting the drill until it comes out through the other side, then you are ready to insert the nail dangle:).

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